4.5 Excellent

In a time when the world financial crisis is peaking with disastrous repercussions everyday, The Popcorn–Balaji Motion Pictures c- produced ‘EMI’, by debutant director Saurabh Kabra is probably the most pertinent film to be watching.
Yes, it does have a rosy ending- but isn’t that what we all crave at the end of the day?
A story that tells the tale of four sets of bank loan defaulters, culminating in a common journey with the entry of Sattarbhai- the inimitable Sunjay Dutt in their lives.
Ryan Braganza ( Arjun Rampal) is the handsome rogue without any moral qualms about maxing the benefits of his multiple credit cards. He falls in love with Nancy (Malaika Arora, oozing oomph from every pore) who is only with him for the good life. The credit card dries up, the relationship dries up. Chandrakant Desai ( Kulbhushan Kharbanda), a typically middle class father has sent his errant and irresponsible teenage son ( Pushkar Jog) abroad for further studies. Anil Sharma ( Ashish Chowdhry , who is the surprise package of the film) wants to marry his harridan girlfriend Shilpa ( Neha Oberoi) and towards that end, they raise between them any number of loans. And lastly, an ambitious widow, Prerna Joshi ( a stunning looking Urmila) is determined to get the insurance money post her husband’s suicide. The only problem is she has to prove it’s a murder. One goon on hire- a personal loan covers his commission.
A year later, everyone is desperately avoiding the bank calls. Enter recovery agent Sattar Bhai and his Band of Boys ( effortlessly funny as a team ), Manoj Joshi as Decent, Snehal Dhaabi, Dayashankar Pande. Sattar nurses ambitions of being the next Neta in White Kurta. In the meanwhile there’s a small clean-up job to be done for the bank.
Sattar comes up with what he believes is a truly original Idea and goes about solving the problems of the defaulters, falling in love with Prerna in the bargain.
It’s a string of hilarious incidents that set about resolving the situation, to end in “ happily ever after’.
Sunjay Dutt walks away with the cake, Sattar being an endearing extension of his Munnabhai Character. Urmila has given a surprisingly restrained performance, apart from which she looks breathtaking. Arjun has grown so much as an actor that his Ryan Braganza is the most credible performance in his career. Ashish plays normal which is the most difficult thing to play in films, and completely surprises one with the ease with which he plays it.
Credit to the producers for backing a new director, who has delivered a good script. Especial mention must be made of newbie music director Chirantan Bhatt, who has come up with a great set of tracks. The Mohit Chauhan song- ‘Baithe rahe’ was the best, followed by Chori Chori, and then the title track.
A must see for all classes due to the identifiability of the subject. I would tell my family it’s a ‘Must See’.