2 Average

The loan culture has caught on in a big way. A majority of people have availed of assorted loans, at some point or other. That makes EMI relevant, identifiable. Debutant director Saurabh Kabra picks up incidents from real life and depicts the pros and cons of availing loans.

E.M.I. starts with a powerful message for people who take loans and are unable to payback the EMI’s. The film gets dull after initial first half as the script gets imprecise after a few sequences. The story of the film is about four different set of people who take loans from small town gangster turned businessman Sattar, who is owner of Good Luck Recovery Agency and they are unable to payback the money.

Sattar is strict on getting EMI’s back on the loans he gave but as he gets a new love in his life, he losses concentration to get the money back, instead he starts solving personal problems of people who have taken money from him. The script gets boring after Sattar falls in love but the performance of Sanjay Dutt throughout the film keeps the movie alive.

But EMI does a somersault as it deviates from fact to fiction and follows the beaten path in its second half. And that’s when the film slips. While the writing clearly lacks dum in the post-interval portions, a few scenes do register an impact, courtesy Sanju.

To cut a long story short, EMI loses focus midway and hence, loses balance. Watch it for Sanju’s sake, who plays the lovable Bhai with flourish.
On the whole, EMI has its share of interesting moments, but they are few and far between. Disappointing!