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These are exciting times for Bollywood. In a matter of two months, we are seeing diverse films like Rock On, Phoonk, A Wednesday, Saas Bahu Aur Sensex, Welcome To Sajjanpur and now EMI hitting the screens. The kind of films which break the prototype. The kind of films which do not follow a set formula. The kind of films which wouldn't have gone beyond even an idea stage a few years back, let alone being filmed on celluloid. Starring Sanjay Dutt in the lead, EMI talks about 'take loan, buy now, pay later' syndrome which has become a part of life for modern day India. So how exactly does music fit into a film with a subject like this? Well, read on to know how composer Chirantan Bhatt along with six different lyricists manage to get the soundtrack of EMI in place.

An item number, 'Chori Chori Dekhe Mujhko' is the flagship number of EMI which has Malaika Arora Khan dancing to the beats with Arjun Rampal for company. With a Turkish touch to it, the number boasts of some groovy beats by Chirantan Bhatt who ensures that the song creates a haunting-n-sensual mood. Written by Shakeel Azmi, 'Chori Chori' may not boast of the most original of lyrics but it is Sunidhi Chauhan's rendition along with Suzan's back-up vocals which make it a song (which also appears in a 'remix version') that would be heard and seen for many more weeks to come.

Mohit Chauhan makes an entry along with his guitar in 'Ankhon Hi Ankhon Mein' which throws quite a surprise. Why? Because in a film like EMI, one hardly expected a full-on mushy number to make an appearance but that is exactly the case here as Mohit spins magic once again with 'Ankhon Hi Ankhon Mein' that is just what cupid ordered for two hearts truly in love. Written by Sarim Momin, this love song is simple, yet enticing, and is a winner for those who want their music to move slowly and remain soft.

After a mandatory item number and a love song comes a fun track which is already on the air. 'EMI', the title song, could have been a tricky number to be conceptualized and composed. However, one must credit the team of lyricists Shabbir Ahmed and Hamza Faruqui (who does the rap portions), composer Chirantan Bhatt and certainly Sanjay Dutt who sings the number in his characteristic witty humor. Suzan, Earl and Mahalaxmi Iyer provide Sanju baba with some good support behind the mike as together they have fun mouthing lyrics that talk about the lure of EMI gripping the entire nation. The number (which later also appears in the 'remix version') also sees an interesting music video being built around it that features the entire cast of the film.

'Aaja Meri Jane Ja' is a kind of regular peppy tune which comes up with better results when supported by eye pleasing choreography and picturisation. Moving at a fast pace, this dance number by Shaan has Suzan and Rishi providing back-up vocal support. Hamza Faruqui's lyrics belong to the predictable variety while music too doesn't qualify as the kind that would be remembered for months down the line. Overall, a number that should go its job in engaging the audience as it plays on screen.

For the song 'Roshan Har Dil', it is composer Chirantan Bhatt's turn to go the Pritam way as he creates a song which has a trademark Pritam touch to it. A romantic number with a childish innocence to it, 'Roshan Har Dil' is a melodious track which has an easy feel and qualifies as a sweet-n-simple number that a guy could play for his girl over a candle light dinner. Sung by Paarthiv who has earlier rendered 'Yoon Shabnami' for Saawariya, 'Roshan Har Dil' deserves to reach out to the lovers of good music though one wonders whether the theme and genre of a film like EMI would restrict that!

Character artist Ninaad Kaamat who has occasionally dabbled with singing, though in bits and pieces, comes up with a full fledged number 'Vote For Sattar Bhai'. A number with an underground feel to it, this is a situational track which does sound exciting in the first hearing itself and reminds of 'Ae Ganpat' [Shoot Out At Lokhandwala]. With a dialogue or two interspersed in this number where a group of youngsters are painting the town red in their support to their lovable 'Sattarbhai' [played by Sanjay Dutt], 'Vote For Sattarbhai' has some interesting mimicry of Mithun Chakravorty, Shatrughan Sinha, Shakti Kapoor and Rajkumar as well.

EMI has a decent soundtrack and in fact turns out to be reasonably entertaining, especially so when one was apprehensive about what the film would offer music-wise due to it's genre. The album may not turn out to be a sell-out at the stands but the songs would certainly do well in creating good awareness about the film and would fit in well into the narrative as well.

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