4 Very Good

Eklavya – The Royal Guard

Karan Johar's Dharma productions could use this film to promote their production house, considering the number of times the word "dharma" is spoken in this 2 hour movie ....however, that is the message that VVC tries to instill in his audiences..that you are born for a reason, to fulfill your dharma, and if you fail your dharma, you go to Hell ! this message is passed through our very own Big B, who plays the title role of EKLAVYA to perfection..

Big B ..what does one say about this extraordinary actor ? even though limited by a huge beard that almost covers up his entire face, his eyes speaks volumes..we, as an audience simply sit mesmerised by his presence..his blind reverence towards his Rana, his supressed love for his son, and his frustration & anger towards the end leaves us spellbound..clearly this film belongs to AB (as it should)..

SAIF as the prince, adds one more feather to his royal turban with his amazing performance..if you thought he would be overshadowed by Big B, think again ! In a role that requires him to underplay his acting, he matches Big B at every step..all the scenes that he has with Big B are the best written and powerpacked..he oozes a smug confidence and makes his role seem effortless...he comes into his own towards the climax when he challenges AB to kill him..also the scene after his mother's funeral has been well potrayed..

SANJAY DUTT is lovable as the rugged cop who idolises Eklavya and his skills..his childlike excitement upon seeing his idol and his hatred towards the king is brought out excellently by the actor..in fact he is the comic relief in an otherwise morbid film..though wish he had more scenes and was not relegated to 4-5 scenes..

VIDYA BALAN is once again impressive in a short but sweet role..however, she is not too important to the going ons...her chemistry with Saif is pleasant..she gets to emote well in the scene where her father dies and Saif accepts to marry her..also the scene with Saif where he tells her the truth is good..

The rest of the cast have done their jobs well ..BOMAN as the jealous king is excellent ..JIMMY Shergill, proves that evil lurks behind his baby face, RAIMA Sen is impressive albeit she has a short role..JACKIE shines in parts..

Technically, the film is brilliant..the lighting,costumes, sets, cinematography, background score speaks of the tremendous effort put in by the entire team..one such scene where it shows, is the preinterval scene with the camels and the train..another seatgrabbing moment is the one where AB kills JIMMY S..music too is pleasant..although theres just one song..Chanda Re..

Overall, Eklavya is a film thats genuinely different and daring..a good story (though I wonder why it took VVC 5 years to write it !) and an excellent performances by an ensemble cast elevates the movie to great heights..welcome back Vidhu Vinod Chopra ! (and special thanks to you for the trailer of Munnabhai 3 ..simply hilarious !!)