0.5 Poor

Eklavya – The Royal Guard

The maker of Munnabhai, Parineeta and Lage Raho Munnabhai is back with another epic called Eklavya-The Royal Guard. But going and watching this movie is like watching a royal speech given by some politician. Very slow, very boring and very unentertaining. Sanjay Dutt was hardly in the film and he looked as if he had been picked off the streets. The only people that did ok was Amitabh and Saif, the rest just stood there on screen looking pretty. All the songs sound like nursery rhymes, why on earth did Mr.Chopra hire such a music director? The movie is barely two hours long and yet it feels as if its dragging you on and on and on! Apparently Vidhu Vinod Chopra spent five years writing the story of Eklavya, but it does not look as if that is the case when watching this film as there is nothing special to see. Saif and Amitabh's acting stood out, that's because the rest of the cast just acted poorly, otherwise their acting was very average.