3.5 Very Good

When we think of the Rajshri ‘parivaar’ automatically you think of pure vegetarians, you think that these people don’t say a bad word
about anyone, they probably think that cigarette smokers are outcast humans, they’ve probably don’t even know what alcohol smells like, pray all day and probably eat ‘Dhokra‘ five times a day. This particular family has a big family business, its called making movies - now obviously some do not like their style of film making, which is their right, however what they’ve made or got made in a film titled ‘Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi’ is beautiful. The proper Indian cinematic symbols which have been missing from the majority of the recent Bollywood films!

Yes there are ‘cheesy’ moments and cringe worthy dialogues but as the film turns out, it’s nothing but praiseworthy.

Story is simple as with all Rajshri production’s - this is about a woman (chandini), played by Isha Koppikar, whose mother died when she was 15 and also leaving behind 2 toddlers a boy and a girl. Alok Nath plays the father bringing up his three kids, Isha falls in love with a rich Sonu Sood, everything is fun, love is in the air, the engagement is about to happen, suddenly on the morning of the engagement day, Alok Nath, Isha’s father, passes away in his sleep. On hearing everybody’s cheap comments about what will happen to her young brother and young sister, Isha Koppikar vows to not get married until they are grown up and fully settled in their life’s even if it does prolong to 12 years. Sonu Sood being the good boy Rajshri ’Prem’ supports her in this decision of hers, while concentrating on his music career. Problems a plenty because in 12 years, there is a new world, that some people can’t or just refuse to be a part of!

What’s good about this film is its treatment, it may not suit everyone’s taste but certainly no one can deny that this film is well made. One things for sure, that I believe everyone will like and that is the performance of Isha Koppikar.

I have nothing but abuse for Bollywood, who never took this actress seriously, I’ve always believed she was great and this film is ample proof of that fact. Her acting is on par of any good performance I’ve seen this year. The whole film is on her shoulders and my god she carries this film with ease!

Great casting - absoloute brilliant, do remember if this role is not casted well, the whole film falls flat!

Sonu Sood plays the typical ‘Prem’ you know soft spoken, guitar in his hand, love in his eyes - I guess Rajshri’s have never heard of heroes who have a little grey side to them. Alok Nath for the first half is good and the suppoting cast is wonderful too.

Music is typical Rajshri, good music to suit the occasion with ’Mujhme Zinda Hai Woh’ standing out amongst the songs, the story being told runs smoothly, its also shot in a similar way ‘Vivah’ was, keeping the banners kind of feel. Maybe a little change of look would have been ideal!

One problem I do have is towards its final segment, the last 30 minutes, it just seems a little dragged, maybe it’s the story but visually it seems to drag on and that’s the part that I believe could have improved!

Kaushik Ghatak, the director makes the film a real good watch and here’s hoping they’ll be more such films from him and here’s also hoping that he could ask his actors to please speak in your normal voices and not make them come out with this annoying cringe worthy dialouge delivery!

A really good film - I believe this is one of the best films out this year and there’s not too many of them!