5 Excellent

Ek Thi Ladki

After the passing of her parents, Meena (Meena Shorey) lives in a rental room, is unskilled, unemployed, and behind in her rent for six months. When she goes to seek employment at Ram Dass Industries, she finds her potential employer stabbed to death and gets blamed. Leaving her purse behind, believing the police are after her, she flees and unknowingly gets the assistance of two ex-convict con-men, Mohanlal (Majnu) and Sohanlal (I.S. Johar), dons the guise of Rajkumari Champakpur and temporarily lives in a hotel. When she finds out who they really are, she runs away and ends up as a Secretary to Ranjit Kumar (Motilal), who is engaged to Vimla (Kuldeep Kaur), the jealous daughter of the business owner, Raisaheb Shanker Das. Ranjit and she travel to Delhi to finalize a deal with Shamsunder - but complications result when she runs into Mohanlal and Sohanlal - who are intent on blackmailing her for a large sum of money - or else turn her over to the police.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)