1.5 Average

Ek – The Power of One

This film was bound to fail as the elements changed from its original (Athadu in Telugu) were quite crucial for a subject like this.

Bobby Deol looked more of a mass character than a cold-blooded man which was needed for this film and the entire representation too didn't suit the entire thrill element of the film.

And music was below average which even strengthened my dislike for this film.

Bobby Deol isn't a bad actor but I think its high time he should start taking some time to accept a script and should only do those who atleast make him look better. If he continues to do films like these, I can assure you that he will lose his current fans too.

If its a remake, then comparison is bound to happen. Even if there happens to be a comparison, the Original film wins handsomely as its got action, thrill, nice amount of romance and the most important cold-blooded nature of the protagonist.