3 Good

it's a mixture of Kabir Khan's out of the box cinema and Salman Khan's typical masala entertainer.the film gives you a feel that it is shot in such a way that everything in the film suits Salman's personality.if compared to Kabir Khan's earlier work i would say this is not what he generally does but still keeping in mind it is a Salman's film you enjoy it.the action scenes in the
film are like never seen before in a Hindi movie.both the actors were ordinary performing in their signature style.Salman was bit different in this one.direction was not upto the mark compared to what he gave us in his earlier films.music is very ordinary nothing great in the songs.even though the film didn't live upto my expectations i enjoyed it just because of Salman.it is a paisa vasool entertainer.this one is recommended just for Salman.