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Ek Second… Jo Zindagi Badal De? Music Review



Ek Second... Jo Zindagi Badal De is one of those albums where it isn't the case of no expectations. In fact here one expects some real bad music. And guess what, in this aspect, the album completely meets the expectations!


There are no surprises when the album begins with an awful sounding title track ' Hota Hai Har Faisala Ek Second Mein'. Even though the man behind the mike is Adnan Sami, the collective efforts of composer Sawan Kumar, lyricist Pradeep Chaudhary and the helpless singer ensure that the song fails in first 30 seconds itself. The number tries to be a 60s style melodramatic number about a single second turning out to be a life changing moment and fails in its endeavor to be a Rajendra Kumar style 'getting behind the piano in a party' outing. A poor composition all the way, this really sad number (pun intended) also appears in a completely unwanted 'remix version'.

The same composer-lyricist 'jodi' get together for ' Kyon Maang Yeh Khali Hai' which has its 'mukhda' being an out and out lift of Himesh Reshammiya's title track from ' Kya Dil Ne Kaha'. However, this time around the arrangements have poverty written all over and the result is a downright 90s style 'flirting around the trees' number. Even though Shaan and Alka Yagnik get together for this supposedly love song, they can do little to save ' Kyon Maang....' which is as outdated as it gets.

One doubly checks the credit details of ' Dil Tukade Tukade Ho Gaya' to confirm if the singer roped in for the song is Richa Sharma indeed. She is completely out of tune in this sad song around 'dard-e-judaai' where she is supposed to be crying buckets during a weepy rendition. Her partner in loss, Arvinder Singh, too gets into 'rabba ve' brand of 'duhaai' saga written by Dr. Devendra Kaffir and in the end one can just stare in amazement that a number like this, which has been composed by Arvinder himself, was actually approved by the makers.

Were you missing someone by this time? Especially after a title song, a love song and a sad song? Well yes, there is an (you guessed it right) item number that follows next. The lady in question? Of course who else but Sunidhi Chauhan. ' Fasale Bahara Hoon Main' (yes, these are actually the lyrics) is one of those songs that she could well have recorded while driving in her car from one studio to another, especially with lyrics like ' jalta angaara hoon main', 'mere aaghosh mein hai narmiyaan', 'meri madhoshiyon mein garmiyan' etc. etc. etc. The men who makes her mouth these words? Lyricist Pradeep Chaudhary and composer Sawan Kumar.

The misery continues with ' Main Hoon Yaar Gulabi Roza' that has such an off beat tune that one continues to search for the beats for the first 30 seconds of the song. With a down market production further adding fuel to fire, this number tries to fuse Indian and Western style of music and doesn't go anywhere eventually. For this outdated number, the composer who makes a guest appearance is Anand Raj Anand who also gives a voiceover with Alisha Chinoy leading the show.

The terrible experience finally ends with ' Chalti Hai Ghadi Gin Gin Ke Ek Second' which one can't actually tolerate beyond 30 seconds. Arvinder Singh's singing is so poor here that one totally forgives him for his bad effort as a composer. A Pradeep Chaudhary written song, it would be hard to believe that even the makers of ' Chalti Hai Ghadi Gin Gin Ke' would have bothered to listen to the song after canning it's master copy.


Want to know how a really bad album sounds like? Then don't miss giving Ek Second... Jo Zindagi Badal De a hear.

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