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Dus Tola Music Review



One doesn't have any clue about what does the music of Dus Tola has to offer. And that's because there is no clue about the movie by itself as well. With no real star power to boast, an unknown banner/director, unknown setting, unknown genre and unknown subject of the film, there is a definite question mark that one has on the music that is on the offing despite Sandesh Shandilya as the composer and lyricist Gulzar coming together.


It is an energetic start for Dus Tola with Sandesh Shandilya fusing the folk flavour well with the modern day sound. Mohit Chauhan is a good choice for the song as well as he gets into the fun mood for this high energy song which sounds almost like a nursery rhyme in the way it carries a certain innocence to it. A theme track that bears a simple flow and has an unadulterated appeal to it, it is not for the followers of conventional Bollywood soundtrack but should do well along with the film's narrative.


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