4 Very Good

Dus Kahaniyaan

Dus Kahaniyaan

I do not have any words to explain my emotions for this movie (or is it movies) maybe because I lost all those words as comments while I was watching the movie.

Naturally, it is the leading comedy apparel for the filmy wardrobe because all the intense themes in the world were recreated as unusually comical situations in the each of the ten stories.

I give a full two hours thank to Sanjay Gupta for his very crazy + hilarious entertainer.

Here is how it goes.

The first story starts as a weird day in the life of an ordinary-everyday couple - Rahul (Arbaaz Khan) and Pooja (Mandira Bedi). Keeping him out of her secret life, Pooja deceives Rahul by meeting her boyfriend – Adi (Sudanshu Pandey), a soldier who is leaving the city and is going to the border. Before leaving he presents Pooja with a beautiful necklace. Pooja cannot figure out how to bring it in front of her husband so she decides to mortgage it and acts as if the receipt is a lottery ticket to fool her husband. But her husband is also going sideways like her. When she tells Rahul to redeem the prize and goes to collect it from his office, all she gets is an ordinary ring. While leaving the office she finds the necklace in the neck of Rahul’s secretary. Bingo. A very amazing twist. ‘Really unpredictable!’ My rating 4/5. (Comically Thrilling)
This is Matrimony!
Directed by Sanjay Gupta
Aprox – 9mins 30s

High on the Highway
This was a very high movie. Watching it seemed that the whole cast & crew must have been high while shooting this segment. All along we thought Kamna was dead! The scenario is something like this – Kabir (Jimmy) & Kamna (Masumeh) are drunk on the highway on the last day of college. This very big childish mistake becomes the cause of a few goons bashing Kabir and kidnapping Kamna. Kabir in his uncontrollable state goes home in search of Kamna but his cuts and bruises (from the fight) weaken him up more. Kamna on the other hand is found by the highway police, safe & sound with the goons. She rushes home - only to find Kabir dead! This is why being high (and that too on the highway) is a really bad idea.
My rating – 3.75/5 (A ‘high’ picturisation and totally unpredictable.)
Directed by Hansai Mehta (Hans‘High’ Mehta)
Exactly 10 minutes!

A crazy story where the mother (Amrita Singh) wishes to get love from her lover when her daughter (Minissha Lamba) is going to get married. A total waste of time – I’ll call it a ‘purana (old) mashed movie’. When the mother makes the mistake of making love with her lover, her daughter gets accused of this grave mistake which indeed led her to the grave. The villagers made the mistake of identifying between the two were because the daughter gave her bridal wear to her mother to wear for the day. When the daughter gets to know about this affair, she commits suicide to save her mother from the disrespect of the villagers and partially because her wedding was off. When Minissha jumped in the well, I guess she took the rating with her too. She should have taken the rest of the crew members with her.
Rating – 1/5 (Bakwaas!/Rubbish)
Directed by Megna Gulzaar (Megna – there are also other GOOD stories worth telling!)
Approx - 10mins 50 sec

Strangers in the Night
This ‘strange’ story is revolved around a ‘strange ceremony’ performed by a couple (Mahesh Manjrekar & Neha Dhupia) on their anniversary where they tell a truth or secret about their past life in each & every detail. Neha decribes an event where a she encountered a stranger and it sounded to Mahesh like she was having sex with a stranger in a railway waiting room. But later it is discovered (‘in detail’) that she did not do anything like that but only trying to save a child during riots. If all couples celebrated this ceremony, there would have been World Peace by now. Sanjay should have got the Noble Peace Prize Award! He should have changed this story’s name also – ‘The Perfect After-Marriage Ceremony’
‘Exciting & ‘Strange’ story!’
Rating - 3.75/5
Directed by Sanjay Gupta (acceptable work)
Approx –

‘Mistakes can cause serious harm & diseases.’ I didn’t know AIDS was a funny thing! He did not want to listen and he regretted. This story is about Zahir (Manoj Bajpai) who is a lone writer and has moved in an apartment whose neighbour is Zia (Diya Mirza). Zahir and Zia become friends and Zahir starts to love her but Zia cannot establish this relationship because of her own problems. Zahir is heart-broken and later sees Zia in dance bar. Later she tried to explain to him about her health but being angry & drunk he rapes her. Three years later he regrets his mistake because Zia had died and he was next (She & He had…… you know what! A-I-D-S)
Really funny… Ha Ha 3/5 (UNPREDICTABLE)
Directed by Sanjay Gupta (At least treat AIDS like its serious!)

Interval… Curtains closed - get ready to be bored AGAIN in the next hour!
2nd Part Coming Later….