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Our Review from test screening arranged for the film Dunki
A Rajkumar Hirani film casting Sharukh Khan (as Hardy), Tapsee Panu (Manu) and Vicky Kaushal (As Sukhi), Boman Irani (As Gulati), Jeremy Wheeler, Dia Mirza
Main review starts from the next page but please read the first page too. Totally there are 5 and a half pages.
Dunki review from screening at cinema office outskirts of Mumbai. Hope it’s clear.
Let me tell you all that we are a large group of specific critics who are called, and the makers have given the right to stream the show at the cinema office for critics there is a specific group we are called for the screening.
There was a test screening conducted for some critic members including us. We were called over for it.
There is another screening too which will be held in a few days before I hope I have made it clear to all of you.
Can be the number 1 Bollywood film as well as it is a cinematic masterpiece and if goes same for audience it will be a big Blockbuster and cinematic masterpiece.
I will go with a second watch for this film too with my family first I was called for a screening now when it releases, I want to take my family even though I have seen it, but I will spend some money for this Blockbuster for them.
My name is Nikhil Choudari I am part of critics’ team here is my review for the Sharukh Khan film Dunki
Releasing on 21st December,2023 in India
By Nikhil Varma
I request you all to look down I will give you a brief explanation of 1st and 2nd half of Dunki I won’t explain how it is else you won’t enjoy I will just give a brief explanation of how enjoyable it is.
What I liked I have explained what I thought should have been better has been explained below though it is very little.
Remember one thing if this goes well for all the audience it will be a blast (in the sense people will go mad and will want to watch every day and it will come on all the news channels on television) and secondly the box office collections will be very high.
However, I am not saying that I will be it will be seen when the film releases for you, but I am just informing you that it could go so high, but it might not be. So do not think that I am confirming the box office collection it could be anything after I have seen the movie with some critics this is my prediction.
One song was so emotional and lovely.
There are good graphics in areas.
Movie rating – 4 stars out of 5 – An entertaining best family engaging drama with lot of goosebumps in first half and second half with perfect emotions and some action too. A big Journey film with obstacles on nic1 their path too. You will get to learn some important thing to do.
Dunki film has a very important message which everyone should watch and know. Everyone in India especially.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Out of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars.
Now it’s your turn to see it as me and some groups of critics have watched it at the screening held so get prepared and fasten your seat belts for an edge thrilling adventurous family entertainment with some action, power packed emotions, family drama with some goose bump scenes present.
In this film you get to see everything some action little bit lot of goosebumps scenes before and after interval, exciting scenes, emotions are very tight, dialogues are good and lot of funny ones too. There are exciting scary type of night scenes in the film too.
Some part of our critic’s groups and I have seen it with them as mentioned above.
The duration is like 3 hours though it is not but a long journey film.
We are a group of critics at the screening have seen it and had a huge blast in the cinema office after this film. Now it’s your turn get ready.
Do not take this film lightly even if you found the trailer average or bad because there is a storm arriving on 21st December.
I am again telling all of you do not take the trailer and decide whether you want to watch Dunki or not. Not on the basis of trailer. This trailer is nothing as compared to the movie if it suits audience and they love it I can tell you there is going to be a blast because it has a lot of unique things in it which are not shown in the trailer drop 4.
. (You will get to see everything)
Written full review below not just this.
Impressive please watch take your children senior citizens also and go with them.
The trailer is nothing much. It is a big journey film and has a lot must watch!!
A good film with an engaging story with power packed emotions, drama family entertaining drama scenes.
In this film you get to see Sharukh Khan in all forms doing some action, doing a lot of drama in half of the scenes tight emotions thrilling and scary scenes.
A unique film from my aspects.
Loved the film.
I would say that Raj Kumar Hirani should make more films like this really engaging and enjoyable.
Everyone please watch it in cinemas when it is released for you.
This is such a film that any age group will enjoy it. I would recommend for old citizens also freely enjoyable little action as shown only 3 – 4 percent but mostly family drama film.
The songs are average one was good but the whole film is very good and interesting.
• Sharukh khan play the role of Hardy and along with him there is Tapsee Panu and Vicky Kaushal and 2 more classmates who plan to go to England for studying will they reach their destination that you will find out in the film. However there do face a major issue in returning back to their home that’s all what the film talks about.
• There are tight emotions in the film which makes you cry.
• The acting of SRK Sharukh Khan is solid along with others and you will get to see a lot in the film.
• Special film.
• Drama scenes are good family scenes which talk about the journey of different stages of life.
• A must watch for everyone.
• I won’t even say that this is for a special audience everyone must see it unique film.
• One last thing I will say that please make such type of films really enjoyable.
• One thing I did not like is that in the second half right the film slowed down a little and some unnecessary scenes were put very few but some.
• Cinematography looks good in scenes it looks real and makes things even more beautiful. Some scene could be better but very good.
• If you are thinking that trailer reveals some things you are wrong you get to see a lot more and nothing has been revealed everything in the movie only.
• Let me tell you that you will get to see family packed engaging drama scenes, good story, power packed emotions and good acting, lot of people travelling by transportation, beautiful places, some action, goosebumps scenes after interval and it’s a different film. People may think that we are just saying that the story is good as I have explained above.
• The important fact is that even during the 1st half you will feel so interested and engaged in Dunki and even during 2nd half 1st half is about them going to UK in the trailer as well as movie and while coming back from UK It will increase your excitement.
• Let me tell you that the once the first half gets over, not even for a second will you think that the second half is going to be bad or boring.
• The scenes show is outstanding and brilliant I mean some 2 percent we see in every film, but this is a different film and very outstanding unique film. Completely outstanding film.
First half they are shown going to London and have issues 2nd half they are shown coming back to India and face even a worse issue.
There is a song also which comes in the middle.
Watch Dunki in cinemas.
Take children and young teens very good for them.
I am not saying that it is good because of SRK who is Sharukh Khan but because of the film itself made very well and everyone see it.
I not only enjoyed it but I also loved it.
This film is such a good family drama especially during the fun comedy scenes that you will have memories of spending fun childhood and other parts of your life with your family and other people.
After the screening has happened for Dunki I can tell you that it has a lot of journey rides and with releasing on Christmas a lot of people will go and many people will love it.
My advice is get ready and one more thing the film is very interesting too so I have one more advise when you go to the cinema hall no matter in a mall or wherever use restroom before you enter in the hall and order some food if you wish to buy do not step out in the middle as if you miss any part you will not be in track and not enjoy. That way relax sit on the seat and do not exit the hall I am telling you it keeps you hooked that another good part of it. It has a lot of scenes where you will feel excited and worried also.
Some scenes where you do feel excited, worried comes during second half.
Long film from parts.
Do not depend on trailer even though people seek to have loved it you are going to see a storm in the movie.
Some most important facts which if suits audience in the film might make Dunki a blockbuster.
Which means when you all watch the film on 21st December,2023 in cinemas there are some facts noticed in the movie which only if audience love will it make the film a blockbuster.
1. Dialogues – The dialogues in the film which SRK give which are not shown in the trailer might give seeti mar performance to audiences because it is the respect for our own nation and that makes us feel extremely happy of us being Indians. (Why – Do not forget that this is a Raj Kumar Hirani film)
Many dialogues are funny too. A thumbs up to them in the film.

2. We get to see Sharukh Khan as Hardy in different forms.

3. When the emotions arrive in the film know they are spoken by characters, and they make us feel so happy that might bring tears in the eyes for some audience. The acting and dialogues bring emotions, and we can see tears in the face of the characters while speaking the dialogues.

4. This is not a strategy that Raj Kumar Hirani has taken from his previous film, or this is not that kind of film that he has made like his previous films. He had made very special unique things in the film.

5. Action – There are some action scenes also which look smart enough.

6. Cinematography – This is a journey film and cinematography is good in areas places look beautiful it looks like they have inserted some form of VFX. (It is not that the VFX are being praised but in some areas as said it looks that some forms have been put in the film.
7. Direction is good in the film. Wont talk much about that.

8. Story – Raj Kumar Hirani films have good story, but Dunki is all connected and story is good must say it is all related to that we have explain about this above.

Kindly note that these above points of Blockbuster are subjected to the reaction of audiences.