4.5 Excellent

New Hindi film Dunki screening review
I give this film – 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. (This film can top up to the highest Indian Blockbusters including a cinematic masterpiece and it might come on your television on the news channels 2 days after it releases).

This film is different from all the other Bollywood films you have seen since your birth and gives a very important message.

Must Watch for Everyone in India.
If you want to watch book your ticket on time because there Is going to be a blast in cinemas on 21st December,2023 and you will not even get one seat available. Looking at this film all the cinemas in Bangalore especially will get jammed. In Bangalore everywhere posters are kept in UB city especially.
I would say that’s its brilliant and a cinematic masterpiece also a Blockbuster. What is my logic of this? I have explained below in details. You are free to reads.
Let’s start off.

Genre – Drama/Comedy/Some action/Romance/ Adventure.

Brief character introduction.

1. Sharukh Khan plays the role of Hardy in the film. We are also introduced to Tapsee Panu who plays the role of Manu. Boman Irani plays the role of Gulati. Vicky Kaushal as Sukhi. Vikram Kochhar plays the role of Buggu. Anil Grover who plays the role of Balli.
All of them are struggling in terms of their educational skills.
Balli plays the role of hair cutter in a small shop.
Buggu was also working in a small shop and his duty was to sell Pajamas.
Sukhi I show as Vicky Kaushal he has a special appearance too. He however he some disorder with his English skills in learning pronouns , nouns, adjectives.
Manu is Tapsee Panu in the film. She is a serious character shown gets frustrated and irritated many times.
Vicky Kaushal makes you emotional and happy too and can make you laugh.
You will get to see this in the 1st half beginning. The characters have done an amazing job in their acting. Some time they make you emotional, some time they make you laugh.
The dangerous adventurous journey also starts off and they are massive dangers they have to face. They all want to go to London in the film and the security at the entrance of the border is very powerful they take an illegal route, and the dangers are powerful. Some bombs too.
Hardy and his group prepare to take that route one day before, but they are not aware of something scary there and also that something bad is going to happen with them.
It’s an absolute thrill which you feel at that moment and there are no songs played. Everything in the film is very quiet.
The 2nd half is even more intense and scary, full of thrill and goosebumps. They face difficulty in coming back home too. That’s even more difficult for them.
If we talk about the script, then the story is excellent and good.
I have talked about it in brief above not told you but stated some points.
The story is about Hardy and the other characters who go to London. Hardy dream is to take them there, so they decide for illegal path, but they are not aware of something bad which is going to happen to them.
They are well done so are funny too and some are clap worthy. The dialogues are good and might make one very emotional. Some people will clap during dialogues. Very well done. Excellent job.
Some areas cinematography is very good too. We are shown snow and mountain are beautiful.
While in some could have been better but still very good.
The graphic is also good some scenes are good after the 1st half.
The action is masala praiseworthy so good the fighting we are shown Hardy fighting too. There is little action for action lovers too.
Performance – Everyone has done a mind-blowing job.
Vikram Rathore the old Shahrukh is excellent towards the end.