5 Excellent


for more reviews visit www.KalpeshPrajapati.com Zero to 100 in 2 seconds was heard for speed of cars, this movie does something similar. A very slow start which suddenly picks pace and becomes so thrilling and exciting that wonder what brought you to the edge of your seat.

For the first 15 odd minutes you keep wondering why you are here, whether Drishyam is worth the hype, whether you have made a right decision by coming to watch it. But after the actual story begins, there is no looking back.

You will be enthralled with the story as it progresses and the way events unfold on screen in front of you. Drishyam will make you believe that you already know the suspense and there is nothing else to know about – A belief that will be shattered in the very last scene.

Drishyam in a very subtle way, shows that.... Continue reading on www.KalpeshPrajapati.com