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Drishyam Music Review



It was in fact surprising to see a dedicated soundtrack for Drishyam. Since the film is a gritty drama, I couldn't really foresee how music could be fitted in there. However, the Ajay Devgn starrer actually has a few songs composed by Vishal Bhardwaj with Gulzar as the lyricist. This sets expectations for a situational soundtrack.


Rekha Bhardwaj's voice is heard right at the beginning of the soundtrack and she pairs up with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to sing along 'Dum Ghutta Hai'. A song about a sad and depressing situation in the film where the protagonists are going through trying times and wondering how there tomorrow would look like, considering the fact that their present is in turmoil, 'Dum Ghutta Hai' moves at a slow pace with some heavy duty lyrics accompanying you every second.

From depressing times, the soundtrack shifts to (thankfully) a happy outing with Ash King coming behind the mike for 'Carbon Copy'. The tune isn't really bad and has an unmistakable Vishal Bhardwaj stamp to it. However, with due respect to Gulzar, the lyrics 'Carbon Copy' seem totally misplaced and aren't catchy either to make you begin recommending it to everyone. A soft number with a pleasant sound of whistle (courtesy Meghna Gulzar) accompanying it, the song could well have been placed in a romantic film, albeit with different lines for the 'mukhda'.

Next to arrive is the song 'Kya Pataa', which is also repeated further as 'Kab Kahan Se'. Yet again, this one is a quintessential Vishal Bhardwaj composition and is pretty much in continuation to the stage and setting provided by 'Dum Ghutta Hai'. Sad, depressing, slow and dead deep, this one is for the narrative. Now one just hopes that there is good 'drishyam' (visuals) in the play of the film while this one is heard in the background, since as a standalone number, neither Arijit Singh nor K. K. version makes you root for it to be played in a repeat mode.


Strictly situational and just for the film, provided there is good visual support.


'Dum Ghutta Hai'

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