5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

When young generation Director teams with the current superstar for remaking a movie which was a cult one, you expect fireworks. And being the diwali season this sounds like icing on the cake. Don is himself the biggest bonanza for the viewers. Remarkable screenplay changes, sausy look, pacy treatment all make Don a must watch film. Talking about its USP, it is its end. The way Farhan treated or played with the original script isn't a tough deal to crack. But he did with ease mainly because of his vision and determination. Don is powerful package of drama and action.
People who are comparing it with earlier one are narrow minded as in all this movie has got its own identity. In todays hi-tech action world tou cant show the hero jumping from tree to tree and beating villains. It sounds and looks stupid that's why Farhan cleverly replaced that with exciting car chase or helicopter jump. In all movie is different from the earlier one and each and every character is carefully crafted. But its the king khan which steals the show.
He looks marvelous as a Don, that Don who loves girls, guns and enjoy killing people. But still he never shouts infact he loves killing people by using his mind. This is evidential from the opening scene when he kills Chunkey Pandey. That opening establishes that this don carefree kinds and for surviving he can go to any extent. Same can be said for Priyanka as i think this is her first movie where she got the right attention and role to play. However, the surprise package is Isha Koppikar who essays a role of girl who loves don and still never stand and shout that. As far as Arjun goes this is his best performance so far from his debut movie Moksh. He has anger in him but also a soft side for everyone. Same goes for Boman, Om puri and Kareena.
The main highlight or USP of this movie is that none of the character looks like a prop cast, they have a definite role to play and they have did justice to the role. Not revealing the suspence(Highlight of the movie), I can only say that this movie is worth a watch, thus go for it.