2 Average

Don – The Chase Begins Again

saw DON 1st day 1st show. SRKs DON has to be different and it is. this is more appealing visually and technically but what about the cast and the characterisation.......hmmmm give it a scratch. other than SRK and BOMAN (hats off great actor and good show u score the rank 1) none of the characters stand in ur mind after u come out of the hall. the 1st half runs a in a very good speed the second half FARHAN was thinking what to do and how to match the previous don. 1 biggest problem with srks DON is it tries hard to match with the original.the screenplay of the movie in the latter half is choked. S-E-L were confused with the songs and background. sharukh is good as DON but in the latter half he looks disinterested. cinematography is excellent. arjun rampal was very good though i felt he was let down by the script. what was ishe and kareena doing here maaaaaan. priyanka chopra still needs to work on her acting skills her skills looks forced but the most natural was BOMAN and SRK to a certain extent. the movie can be cut short 2nd half is where it staggers. on the whole the movie has a big HOLE. its a movie where as soon as the champagne is opened it fizzes out.......3/10. watch the movie eraing from ur mind that there was earlier a movie called DON still you would be dissapointed.