5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

well he has done it again... when two man with diffrent ideas and abilities come along.... u cant just ignore them.... first it came when farhan came with aamir.... mow he is coming with the BADSHAH of Bollywood.... i really loved the movie

ALL the above reviews who are comparing this with old don are bull shit... bcoz no one can do a role same as the older role... i mean if amitabh is told to do a film like DDLJ... he will not fill the magic of srk in it... so why shud we compare the BADSHAH with SHAHENSHAH??????

many people talk abt actng... i tell u that after 16 years in film industry if a man is called box office buster that he must be a good actor and we are no one to speak abt his acting... but some sallu fans will talk rubbish thing like his acting is poor & film is poor just thinking that thier review will change our mind.... but guys that is not going to happen... i also watched JM... and wasted my money...

DON IS THE BEST IT WAS BEST WITH BIG B AND WILL BE BEST WITH SRK>... bcz the character it self has magic in it.... love the don.... the chase should continue indifinetely...... love you donnnnnn