3.5 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

First thing first...is movie worth watching? Answer is "Yes" ..but one piece of advice ...please do not compare it with the classic "DON". It's no way near to the classic but for sure has it's own merits especially the climax of the movie which makes DON worth watching at least once.

Basically film has 3 parts.

First part where SRK has tried to copy Big B and failed miserably. It's a blunder on director's part to even think that SRK can copy Bib B.

He failed again in 2nd part where he played "Vijay". He was not at all convincing and looking very odd. Total failure on both actor as well director's part.

It's the 3rd part, where SRK makes an impact which is result of his natural style. This is where Farhan shows how good he is as an writer and director. Climax will surely mesmarize you.

Performance wise Boman Irani is first rate and he is so natural that someitmes you feel he is not acting.

SRK is disapponting is first 2 parts but his performance in the last 80 min simply is the BEST. Kudos to him and Frahan.

Photography is one of best Indian cinema has seen so far esepcially the way Malaysia is shot.

Overall a good stylish moive...........enjoy!!!!!