4.5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

being a huge srk fan and all, offcourse i absolutely loved it! and as much biased as i might sound saying this, all you srk haters might actually like this movie! first off, i cant believe people are putting this movie off by comparing it to big b's original don movie. totally unfair! watch it for the following:
1) CINEMATOGRAPHY: by far the best i've seen in a hindi movie! honestly, if it wasnt for the songs(which were terrible by the way), this movie gets as close to the hollowood level movie as possible. if u watch this on dvd, u'll be missing more than half the fun.
2) STORY: there are more twists in this version of don than the original. its just that the story got dragged on a bit after the interval and it got boring at parts, but overall, you'd really have to hate srk to think this movie sucked.
3) ACTING: SRK was at his best playing the real don. i thought he was scarier than amitabh playing the real don. you have to see the movie till the end to realise that srk did extremely well playing vijay too. it was great to see srk not overact. the co stars were good too!
4)SPECIAL EFFECTS: u'd have to see it in theatre to see how good teh effects were. for the first time, i'd admit that the effects were flawless. no cheesy wire stunts that u see in krisshh and others. infact, i recently saw CRANKED in theatre where there is a similar jump off the plane scene and i could swear that you couldnt decide which one was better done!

overall, a fun movie with some problems that you can ignore. i personally think it was too long and boring at times, but OVERALL, a must watch!
srk fans just cant afford to miss this!