4 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Well, if you listen to Taran Adarsh, you might well go and watch JAAN-E-MANN preferring it over DON. But I clearly advise my colleagues to go and watch DON and enjoy it. Taran has remarked that DON is slow paced. Common man, anyone who has watched DON (except those who criticize Shah Rukh for nothing) will find the movie racy, amusing and exciting. And how dare Taran reveal the secret of Boman Irani’s character. It is one of the mainstay of the movie. The only thing he said correct was Shah Rukh not impressing as Vijay. However it’s not his fault, the look doesn’t come naturally to him. Whatever, one can’t imagine any other actor except him performing the role. I watched both DON (1st show) and JAAN-E-MANN (2nd show) and believe me, people were glued to the screen for the whole show during DON but were leaving 15 minutes before JAAN-E-MANN ended. So, I just advise the public to go and watch DON without caring about the reviews.