3.5 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Don is worth a watch movie; but not a great movie.

The story and suspense remains the same but some changes in the second half. Since it is a remake of a same language film, it would have been better more twists change in locations etc in the first half as well. The chase to village was tooooo old fashioned, thought it helped the producers to cut cost.

Shahrukh Khan excel in his performance and it only proves that why he is getting the highest pay and top initials all over the world. My only warning to Shahrukh is that he should not stick to his favourite directors and should try directors like Priyadarsan, Ram Gopal Varma etc. and he may also try to do repeat films with Subhash Ghai, Mani Rathnam, JP Dutta, Abbas Mastan etc. Kareena excelled in her small role, where Priyanka looks exactly like a doll in the role. For Priayanka, I suppose she need to learn the art of acting if she don't want to be a simple show piece. Even in the glamour department, Kareena outplayed Priyanka. So, Priyanka should be careful of her selecting co-stars as well, if she is in command to do so. For the film, Priyanka is of course a minus in the role. Arjun is fine and B. Irani did his role decently, still he could have bought some extra facial expressions would have helped.

Music is fine, especially in line with the old numbers. The choreography is also fine.

The sets are adequate, though the village set up could have been better.

Screenplay/writing is one department the producers would have taken little more time and effort to make the venture a super success. Since it is a remake, only with the help of a good change in screenplay the movie could have been saved and the writers reached the half way. The director succeeded in getting best out of Shahrukh, which in itself worth a billion. But I cannot say the same about others. In short, the Directors shown his talent again and need some kind of final touching in his career. Having said that, Farhan did a decent job.

Overall, the film is worth a watch to refresh your mind with a new Don, which possibly could be sequelled with new stories like Doom or Munnabhai.
Even I have a feeling that a sequel would have worked wonders than a remake.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in watching the Don with Shahrukh...go for the film.