5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

The overwhelming spectacle,grandeur,class,deft execution(hats off too Farhan,infact several hats),edge of the seat,thrilling storytelling and unpredictable unfolding of scenes and so on are just of the innumerable facets vindicating why the latest Don is a class,infact numerous,gargantuan transcendant classes above the rest.Sorry Mr.Big B,the legend,SRK surpasses and topples u in every way possible,he proves why he rules Bollywood and not u.Stating that Don is a masterpiece would be a major understatement and grave injustice to the ingenious of SRK and Mr.Farhan Akthar the great!Old Don and Bachchan saab draw pale in comparison to this prototype.Farhan and SRK's Don possesses exclusive reins in the supreme battle of paramountcy!In every aspect Latest Don rules,conquers and devours completely the old Don,Big B lags far behind in terms of performance.I mean why would SRK seem natural as Vijay when he wasnt even Vijay;Vijay was killed at the very outset,he was never planted as the police mole,areh he didnt even make it pass the operation table Don easily compares with Hollywood blockbusters in terms of setting,narration,class and style,no one and i mean absolutely no one else on the planet could have done a better job than Farhan and SRK.Analysing the old Don,JJ,a limping partially disabled former trapeze artist carrying two(considerably heavy)kids on an extremly thin electrical line(how unbelievably bull crap is that)the finale shot at the graveyard was yawn worthy,dull,stulltifying and literal,AB keeps uttering Don ko pakar na mushkil hi namunkin hai;yet as irony may most severly have it,he is captured and dies within 20 minutes of the movie.With the ending that SRK's Don has,the powerful line "mushkil hi nahi na munkin hai" is vividly proved and done justice to!Performance wise,SRK excels yet again in all departments and scenes,he didnt need to make Vijay look natural ,he never was Vijay!Priyanka suited the role to the T,Isha was impeccable and flawless,absolutely natural and drop-dead gorgeous,Boman literally rocked and deserves raves and accolades!Arjun was good,Om Puri sufficed since he wasnt needed much anyway!SEL music is extravagant,melodious,fabulous and so much more...choreography was absolutely brilliant,glossy,glamorous and foot-tapping when incorporated and integrated with the ingenious of SEL,production designs,undeniably a fundamental aspect were commendable,the setting and style,colours,visuals,etc were top-notch and award-winning,simply brilliant!Cinematography,absolutely marvelous,abundance of eye-pleasing visuals and bravura capturing of Malaysia and Paris!Kareena's song,breath-taking,sizzling,voluptous and simply tantalising!Just like Bebo herself.5 thumbs up to Ritesh,Farhan,Javed saab,SRK and the entire team of the masterpiece Don.Writing,Direction and what not just renders one speechless,in explicably in awe of the wonder just viewed.I can just go on raving about just how too good Don was and not be able to end this review on every breath-taking etched in the mind scenes of DON.Am sure every individual that has criticised this masterpiece either arent aware of what they're talking of,are anti-SRK,stupid,deviants and mindless,completely oblivion to what class,sophistication and grandeur means. I mean u seriously ought to become more classy,open-minded and think outta the box.Watch Don a million times and u still arent satiated.Keep needing to go back.Areh Don ke liye,yeh Dil Maange More.