4 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Mr Taran Adarsh.,

I believe you are one of the best critic in bollywood. But some of your reviews have disappointed me. For eg:- **** for deewane huye pagal, ****½ For KANK , **½ for Rang de basanti.... Only 2½..... Why… *½ for Swades…..

I must say that the DON review you gave falls into the disappointment category.

Guys, DON is a very good movie. Lot of Twists and superb action. SRK as Don is superb….. Boman Irani is exceptional. One question to Boman, Where were you all these years..? You are the best actor we have today. But the star of the movie is Farhan Akthar. Superb screen play and direction….Master story tellar. SEL’s music is also Good. Aaj ki raat rocks. “Kaike” is picturised beautifully. Overall a great movie.. Go.Watch.
is also fine. Over all a great movie.. Go.Watch.