4.5 Excellent

Don – The Chase Begins Again

First off I have not watched the old Don so I can make no comparisons! I love the new Don, it is absolutely brilliant. I am 15 year old teen and this movie was very slick and cool so maybe thats why i like it soo much. The action was brillaint, very well coregraphed for an indian movie, long gone are the days of silly sound fx and a punch 10cms away from the face, these punches look realistic like they could hurt. The car chases were pretty good to. I enjoyed the songs and found that they were a good source of relief which is what a song is supposed to be not a method to move the plot forward. Each song was well shot however I do not know if the new remakes of the old songs can do them justice. The acting was very good however there were some unneeded and wasted characters. Don himself is very well played by SRK, he pulls off the arrogant, yet cool and slick boss. Vijay was also pulled off well i believe as SRK gave him that quirky innocent face mixed with some humourous lines. Roma played by Priyanka could have been better. Jasjit was played well by Arjun Rampal however needed more developing. Desilva played by Boman Irani was very well executed making me genuinely hate him. Malik was very poorly used and could've had more lines, he just seemed to be there for the sake of it. I myself thought the pace of the film was good because it wasn't a constant barrage of pure mind melting action it was well separated when there was need for action there was and same with the songs, it wasn't slow at all I never found myself bored. There are loopholes in the script however your at the cinema to watch the film not analyse it, although some parts were confusing even my hispanic friend who has never watched a bollywood film understood it. I personally loved the film and the some of the twists were predictable however the end one is mind blowing! I suggest you watch this film and enjoy it for it's slick style and some of the amazing lines that SRK says.