3 Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Saw the film on Sunday 22.10.06. On the whole good entertainment. It should keep you occupied for 3 hours. That’s about it. Farhan Akhtar has some interesting improvisations.
Shahrukh as Don was brilliant. He did it his way with his own charm & sophistication. Great performance. Shahrukh as Vijay was average. But Farhan handled this cleverly & minimized this role to a bare minimum. The transition from Vijay to Don was quick as this is not Shahrukh’s strength. Amitabh used the Allahabadi Hindi to perfection playing this part. I realized with Shahrukh he is more at ease with designer wear & playing the rich NRI look. The roles of a simpleton does not come naturally to him. I think he is popular with the masses but it is the NRI & upper class Indians who love him the most.
The Khaike Pan song turned out reasonably well although no comparison to the original.
But the biggest twist of all, Don did live & truly no one could catch him eventually.
Another point worth mentioning, the mad rush to see Shahrukh play a part immortalized by Amitabh was amazing. I doubt if it would be as big if any other actor played this part. And, you will like Shahrukh & watch him for 3 hours. SRK is never an eyesore. Tremendous on screen persona. It was brave of him to accept this challenge. In London, the cinemas are pretty vacant as in 1 day you have at least 7 to 8 shows. Don on the contrary was jam packed. We had to queue like we do in Menoka & Priya.