2.5 Good

Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

Madhur Bhandarkar.... just wanna say, he's done a lotta gr8 work before, so life mein ek galti maaf hai. This one is it for Madhur sir....
Dil toh bachha hai ji, is a nice concept, to show how love stories turn out in REAL life, BUT the characters were not catchy, the scenes were flawed, and the humour was very little considering its a comedy. 3 guys, 3 girls. Guys have stereotype characteristics. One playboy, one good boy, one middle-aged guy. Playboy (Emran) has it goin good, till he falls in love with some1 who just impressed (Shruti Hassan). Good boy (Omi) falls fr a brash, carer oriented RJ, who just wants to use him fr her own benefits. Middle-age good guy (Ajay) falls fr collegue, 17 yrs younger. None of the stories wrk out, and evry1 gets on with life in the end.