3 Good

Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

In a departure from his regular fare of reality inspired films, Madhur Bhandarkar indulges in the comic world with Ajay Devgan, Emraan Hashmi and Omi Vaidya in this light hearted, refreshing entertainer, that is 'Dil toh bachha hai ji'. Accompanied by Pritam's pleasant tunes and good performances by all three actors, the film narrates the love seeking journeys of the room-mates while revealing their idiosyncrasies. Unlike his previous works, this one is hardly bold or bitter and it doesn't even prove his versatility in story telling. However, it succeeds in providing those laughs that come out of genuinely funny dialogues if not innovative situations.

Naren (Ajay Devgan), a divorcee and an executive, finds his new room-mates in the form of Abhay (Emraan Hashmi) and Milind Kelkar (Omi Vaidya) who are two opposite individuals. While Abhay is the jobless playboy who lives on the favours of his one night stands, Milind, who works at a marriage bureau, believes in marriage only after love and sex only after marriage. Naren has an innocent crush on his new secretary who is 17 years younger but finds it difficult to blend into her lifestyle. While his age-gap challenges his feelings, Abhay's audacity with a rich model of yesteryears enriches his own life with the perks that come along. Then we have Milind, playing the sincere simpleton for whom, his love exceeds all limitations and his perseverance, all his budgets. Each of them have a love story in the making but they just cannot seem to make it come their way. Through their experiences, we get some giggles and some laughs while Bhandarkar refrains from adding any seriousness that would weigh the otherwise thin plot down.
Pritam's melodious score keeps the mood subtle and hummable. Tu khwab hai ya jaadugari comes a little too often but is melodious nevertheless. Tere Bin is a good come back for Sonu Nigam with some real singing while all the attention falls upon the beautiful Shruti Haasan on whom it is partly picturized. The film's outstanding song Abhi Kuch dino se is performed by Mohit Chauhan who continues his unstoppable run.

The actors do more justice than what the script and story asked for and Devgan leads the pack impressively with his innocent performance showing teenager like attributes while avoiding the over-the-top 'Golmaal' comic avatar. Omi Vaidya excels at his tailor-made role which he gets absorbed into. We would love to see more of him this year and hopefully, in more comedies. Emraan Hashmi has come a long way with his acting and after 'Once upon a time in Mumbai', he proves yet again, that it's not only the music in his films, but his performance too, deserves appreciation. Shazahn Padamsee has the cheesiest dialogues that are overdone. Tisca Chopra is good in her role but it is Shruti Haasan's beauty (credited to Sarika) and bold persona that captures one's attention.

Madhur Bhandarkar wasn't making a comedy like 3 idiots. It was not meant to be a didactic experience, nor was there any guidance to real living. But by avoiding ridiculous situations and corny dialogues that are the basis of most comedies, he ensures that there isn't a boring moment in the film, no matter the lack of nuance and originality.

7.63 on scale of 1-10.