2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

Too much Gloss..Too Little Substance. That's the best way to describe Dhoom 2. Sequels need to compliment the original by adding new twist while retaining the same old flavor. Dhoom 2 scores well for the latter but does not add any new twists or surprises. Predictable!.

Dhoom 1 was no substance either. The formula worked and so Chopras decided to stick to it.

The Opening scene; Train in the desert. Hritik (Aryan or Mr. A) chasing the Queen's crown. Hritik pulls this one off with the "mission Impossible" the great tom cruise Mask trick and some out of place SAND SURFING tricks...Yes he also does some Railway track surfing.

Bipasa, a daredevel cop known for her Card board shooting gives up the job as she could not catch Mr. A with combined efforts of Jai and Veeru-Ali.

next you see are some skimpy clothes, new hair styles and makeup, costumes, as Hritik does the Val Kilmer inspired from the movie 'The Saint'. Ash too chips in with Bipasa clone exported directly to Rio, Brazil, with beach and Sun.

The climax of the movie too does not come as a suprise. The Good Cop lets go of the Bad guy as he realized he is now in Love with one of his Jail Inmates (Ash).

All in all. Dhoom 2 has some Physics defying stunts (like croutching tiger hidden Dragon) and party music to keep you jammin.

Definately an Entertainer.....not for the weak hearted or for the smart minded.