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Dhoom 2

Recreating the magic thru a sequel is always a toughie since U r carrying tons of load of expectations because U r goin’ to take the story few steps forward that already has been portrayed in a successfull manner.Rajkumar Hirani has done it with Lage Raho Munnabhai (Unanimously accepted), but against all odds even Kkrish (Biggest money-spinner of the yr) and contrary to all criticsm Phir Herapheri has done it too. So It was quite evident that Sanjay Gadhvi wud have in lot of pressure when he thought of makin’ a sequel to one of the most stylized and trend setter movie of this modern era. Did he succumbed to the pressure or came up with yet another whippy reply to the critics’ backlash.To know this...just Vroooooom:

As was evident from the Promos we r in for some breath takin’ actions and few tricky heists and robberies. I must accept that I was not at all disappointed. Within our limited finances, this flick has shown some brilliant action sequences well concieved by Allan Amin that was aptly carried off by First Indian Super Hero...KkHrishik Roshan, but in far more humane way as compared to wat he has done in Kkrish. The heists and burglaries were as well coming straight from some Sidney Sheldon’s novel. But it augurs well for Bollywood since it has not been showcased in this grand way before as is shown in this one.

STARs : He, undoubtedly, is the purrrfect thief since he ’ steals ’ the show by far. No body came an inch closer to him when it comes to the performance. Be it dancing,acting (which was minimal).Jumping Jacking or doin’ those astounding action scenes, this "Master of Disguise" is winner all the way. Hrithik Roshan has proved his mettle mostly in his Papa’s flicks, but believe me this one wud add one more feather in his cap. Each time he’s on screen U can’t take ur eyes away from him. Abhishek Bacchan was surely overshadowed by Hrithik as his role has no new added-dimension in the movie...same old dumb-faced cop chasing the Super-Thief that we have already seen in the Original Dhoom. His fans surely wud be disappointed. Uday Chopra, YashRaj-by-default-attachment, yet again playing perfect foil to Abhishek as a loquacious flirtous cop. He chases thief whenver he gets break from flirting and no marks for guessing that he fails in both ventures--chasing gals and thief. Though he does well within his limitation...but sometimes his comic sense sucks and makes u sick. Aishwarya in her new sexy-avtaar will certainly make u sing ’Crazy Kiya Re’. She cudn’t do justice to the character Umrao-Jaan but she, with her new perfectly-toned-body and skimpy little clothes,can easily be called new Oomph-Jaan . Bips starts off playing with bullets but ends with runnning around the beaches in different kinda bikinis as if she is doing modelling for some Lingerie or Swimsuit-Collections.

MUSIC : There is no superhit number in D2 as we had in its predecessor. Thats why the chartbuster of ’04 Dhoom Macha le was used thru-out the movie in background and also in new song Dhoom Again that was made watchable by inimitable dance prowess of Hrithik, who was shaking his legs on Shiamak’s mooves n grooves,and Pritam’s foot-tapping music. Amongst rest of the songs Crazy Kiya Re and Dil laga na goes well with the feel and mood of the movie and the choreography of Vaibhavi Merchant is also gud. Rest two songs ( My name is Ali and Touch me ) were just above average. But truly, no real winner and all the songs wud be lost into oblivion once the movie wipes off the mind of the viewers.

PLOT : Frankly speakin’,there was hardly any. Its just a cat(s) and mouse(mice) game concieved in more a global way than its done in D1. The Plot has many loopholes if U dig deep into it for the sheer pleasure of finding flaws in the movie but those all are well concealed by the pace and style of the movie. The second half is slow-paced as compared to the first one as emotions and romance takes precedence over usual action stuff. For bike-lovers there is climax that pays tribute to Original Dhoom.

GIST : A gud entertainer with enough ingredients to make it atealst a single-time watchable. Hrithik-Ash combo rocks, Hrithik’s action packed heists thrills, Guys will go ga-ga over ash’s oomph factor and also will take inspirations from Hrithik’s Bi-Ceps(Or Tri-ceps or Quadri-ceps...I donno). If U r ineterested in Skin-show then there is Bikini-clad Bips. Special appreciation for Salim-Sulaiman for giving best-suited Background score for the movie, especially the music that runs in background each time Hrithik makes a move.

For CRITICS : Those who r criticising the action of the movie and questioning the reality of those deadly scenes, must not drool over same sequences when show-cased in those Hollywood Flicks viz Matrix, Bond movies etc.When those near-impossible scenes are shown in Foreign movies we never fail 2 shower adulation over them and when it comes to our own flicks we put our thinking caps on and starts harping for logic. NOT FAIR.We r slowly but surely heading towards West, as I told U, inspite of Financial Constratints.

MY VERDICT : If U want to njoy ur evening with edge-of-the-seat thriller combined with sensuousness of two sexy-lasses, then Go Dhoom , else stay in peace.