2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

DHOOM 2 was the most anticipated movies to hit the theatres. And its sure going to be a big success home and abroad.

The storyline of DHOOM2 is better than the first part. But it has not been handled up to the mark. I guess no one finds any flaws in a film when it comes from YAshraj banner..specially some critics.

The characters are incomplete..when u make the entry of the character it just cannot leave the film. What happen to Rimi Sen? Where was Bipasha in second half? Was it neccessary for a double role?

The chase sequence in the tunnel was a big let down. If the police helicopter landed at one end of the tunnel and the bikers started chasing them from that end the how come they ended up blasting the helicopter at the other. I guess they were moving round and round.

The plot didnt hooked the viewers at all. There were instances when u felt the writing could have been much better. I guess when u make a larger than life film one tends to drift away from the story. concentrating only on the asthetic stuff.

On performance point of view.

Hrithik roshan is sure gonna be top as his second half performance was excellent. He was a scene stealer in every scene he did.

Uday chopra was excellent I guess the only saving grace of the film.

Bipasha looked hot as ever and did a fairly good job with her half baked role.

Aishwarya disappointed big time. Passion in her acting was missing.

Abhishekh Bachhan did a good job. I pity him as he didnt have any change in his character to exploit his acting skills.

Overall a good film to watch on screen but disapponts on the plot front.