2 Average

Dhoom 2

absolute shit.Yes the make-ups for hritik was stunning as well as his performances but the other actors lead the film nowhere.CHI CHI CHI for abhishek,aishwarya and bipasa. Uday made us enjoy a little bit with the comedy but still this was the worst xperience this year. The second theft( Diamond Theft ) was very good until hritik moving faster than cars with magnetic feature in his palms. I wonder how didn't he stick to the cars when there was magnetic field activated in his hands. i laughed and rolled when all the bullets were stopped by hritik on the train scene. How did he jumped up the train from the trainline.How the boats blast with bullets and no bullet hitting abhishek. the scene was fit for 1970's not now. There were no vehichels at all on the roads when abhishek was chasing hritik but as soon as he enter the tunnel there is traffic like mumbai and none of the cars are even going out of the tunnel. when the helicopter land in front of the tunnel to block hritik how did abhishek and uday follw him from backside.i laughed laughed and rolled on seat in the theaters and so did everyone. First star for make-ups of hritik.Second one for his good performance.