0.5 Poor

Dhoom 2

Sequels are the recipes of the day,with LRMB becoming a universal hit everyone wants to make one,but is it worth it without a good story?
Dhoom 2 is without any doubt is one of the worse movie of the year.The director takes almost the first half to introduce characters,I DUNNO WHAT THE DIRECTOR HAD IN PLAN.some of the scenes where straight from the hollywood flicks- like the digital imaging of the diamond,from Oceans 12,and Hrithik and Abishek on the Bike- MI2,stunts where not clearly executed it looked fake.If you are Hritikh Roshan fan then its worth watching once-coz the guy looks to good in the movie and the only 1 person to stand out of the crowd,Abhishek and Uday are strictly OK.Both the female leads are BAD.Bipasha looks Hot in some scenes but her acting irritates to the core.On the whole the movie is no where near to the old one.
P.s The music is BAD.