5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

Hi pepz..
I think Dhoom 2 was amazing..It is one of the best movies made by bollywood till date..I m not a fan of Hrithik but I think he has done a great job in the movie..As for Aish I think she was lukin stunningly beautiful..U have to appreciate the director for such stylish execution of such a simple story..Everyone did a gr8 job in the movie..n pepz who say dat its a crap movie, shud stop watching or writing reviews on movies..Coz they don't have neither taste nor brainz to understand..They write great reviews for crap movies like the new "Don" n "kabhi alvidaa naa kehna"..but can't appreciate a real good movie like "dhoom2" which even the white ppl r watch n njoyin even tho they don't understand hindi..Its da onli movie which has already made a record in New Zealand for being housefull all over the country at each and every cinema hall..Shame on u guyz..grow up!!