3.5 Very Good

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

Byomkesh Bakshy is one movie that surely takes you down the memory line, the nostalgic doordarshan days. seeing Rajit Kapoor portraying the role of Byomkesh Bakshy on our television screens as kids would be a real adventure filled with thrill and a desire to decode and decipher mysteries. Putting ourselves in the detective’s shoes and trying to find clues while watching this series would be a treat. Today after almost two decades Dibakar Banerjee has tried to recreate the same magic on big screen with natural actors like Sushant Singh Rajput,Anand Tiwari,Swastika Mukherjee,Divya Menon and Neeraj Kabi at the forefront with numerous other talented actors occupying the supporting positions and doing justice with their own endeavours. The plot of this crime thriller is based on a fictional character detective Byomkesh Bakshy who solves murder mysteries otherwise hard to rationalize, this character was created by Bengali writer Shradindu Bandopadhyay.To begin with we are in 2015 with loads of advancements and changes in various sectors be it infrastructural or socio economic in Kolkata, while Byomkesh Bakshy is set in a pre independence era in Calcutta,so hats off to the production designing team,art director,costume designers and make up artists of this movie for making the audience believe that they are witnessing an event set in 1940s.The casting director has also done an impeccable job by casting right people for right characters, though some of the faces like Divya Menon,Swastika Mukherjee and Neeraj Kabi are fairly new to the mass audience yet they have managed to startle the audience in a positive way with their splendid performances. Sushant Singh Rajput has ventured into something completely different this time, although it should be mentioned that till date he has always experimented with scripts ,he was a guy with immense capabilities but a victim of politics in kai po che,while in movies like shuddh desi romance he was a charmer and a dedicated lover in PK.This time he has left the viewers intrigued and engrossed with his persona as the character as he has been able to give this character his own identity and thus prompting people to use a cliché rechristening him as India’s Sherlock holmes.Anand Tiwari who played Ajit banerjee exceeds audience’s expectations emerging as a fine actor with amazing dialogue delivery and body language.The one actor who steals the limelight is Neeraj Kabi ,the villain,an actor whenever is playing a negatively inclined character succeeds in his attempts to convince the audience when there is a certain amount of hatred and dislike in reciprocation because of the ‘’evil’’ factor inside the character and his sinful acts, it has happened here as well with his supreme acting skills he has evolved as the dark horse and played his cards pretty cleverly.Swastika Mukherjee has dazzled the screen as a diva and a seductress.Meiyang chang however known to the mass audience previously,has a blink and miss kind of a role in the movie but even then he has pulled it with excellence,actor Shivam who plays Sukumar in the movie has a potential of earning himself a position in the hindi film industry as he has exhibited sheer talent even though he was offered a comparatively smaller role.Divya Menon comes across as a very wise actor who knows how to exude charisma on screen with simplicity .Urmi Juvekar and Dibakar Banerjee have been brilliant with the adaptation of the original story.The dialogue writing is top-notch and will definitely appeal the classes.To point out a few shortcomings of the movie it would be wise to list the music first,although the script of the movie does not demand much for the same still it would have been improved in different areas revolving around it like background scores and promotional videos,two of the promotional videos are already out one of them features Sushant Singh Rajput himself while the other features popular dance reality tv show contestant and newbie actor Lorraine Gottlieb.The lyrics and music lack spunk and has not been able to please the listener. The background music at times tends to be so loud that the dialogues spoken are almost inaudible thus making the ongoing scene difficult to comprehend.The bloodshed and violent scenes are a bit over the top and should have a bit more subtle and indirect as it might put off some section of the audience.The lighting,sound mixing and dubbing could have been much better.To sum it up this movie mystifies and entices and at the same time gives a sense of intricacy with its exquisite use of art and detailing into history.This movie surely is worth a watch and it will not disappoint any Dibakar Banerjee fans.