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You have very good expectations from the music of Desi Boyz. First and foremost this is an unpretentious out and out commercial outing which means catchy music is pretty much on cards. Moreover, the title song with Akshay and John has already caught attention in a big way. Also, Pritam can well be expected to deliver goods in a biggie like this, especially after some chartbuster soundtracks that he has created for Akshay in the form of Action Replayy, De Dana Dan, Singh Is Kinng and Bhool Bhulaiyaa. With prominent lyricists like Kumaar, Irshad Kamil and Amitabh Bhattacharya contributing here, one looks forward to a fun and entertaining ride.


Desi Boyz gets a powerful beginning with 'Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz' which is the kind of track that one would have expected when it comes to male bonding between the lead actors. A Punjabi-Hindi-English track by Kumaar that has K.K. singing in an altogether different style (when compared to far sombre songs that he usually sings for Pritam) along with Bob, this one is a chartbuster all the way. Boasted by addictive beats, relentless pace and some quick-fix arrangements that keep the adrenalin pumping for those four minutes, this one starts and finishes in a jiffy with no dull moment whatsoever. As expected, the song is also complimented by a 'remix version' which has a concert/club feel to it, hence requiring a wide dance floor that creates enough space to get the dance moves on.

What takes the fun quotient forward is 'Subha Hone Na De' which is second straight chartbuster track in a row. This one is a club outing as well with a definite Indian melody to it which only accentuates the overall appeal of the song. With Mika Singh getting into a total mood while singing this fun-n-entertaining number, this one also has a sonic sound to it, courtesy the parts sung by Shefali Alvaris that gives an added touch to this Kumaar written number. Though the song requires a couple of listening to make one get into the groove, 'Subha Hone Na De' is all set to become popular in quick time. No wonder, the makers too show good confidence in the song, hence adding not just a 'remix version' but also repeat it as 'Tu Mera Hero'.

After a couple of club outings comes a quintessential Bollywood dance number that has Pritam giving exactly what is expected from him. With its opening sound on the similar lines as 'Zor Ka Jhatka' [Action Replayy] and the mood similar to that of 'Twist' [Love Aaj Kal] , 'Jhak Maar Ke' is clearly one of the massiest numbers that John Abraham has danced to in his decade long career. With Neeraj Shridhar and Harshdeep Kaur clearly having a lot of fun behind the mike and singing to the rhythm of some 'desi' Punjabi beats, 'Jhak Maar Ke' written by Irshad Kamil works instantly with the listener and only makes one nod in approval by the time the 'remix version' arrives.

A much refined version of 'Razia Gundo Mein Phas Gayi' [Thank You] comes in the form of 'Allah Maaf Kare' which only makes one sure that the makers here were sure about bringing in all the commercial ingredients that would have kept the mood of Desi Boyz upbeat and catering to class as well as mass audience. While this Irshad Kamil written song has a core Indian appeal to it, Pritam presents it in a Western avtar to bring in just the right fusion that ensures that 'Allah Maaf Kare' makes it four-in-a-row for Desi Boyz. With Sonu Nigam and Shilpa Rao bringing in a new dimension with their singing style here, 'Allah Maaf Kare' also arrives in it's remix version and makes one head to the dance floor.

Last to arrive is 'Let It Be' which could just have turned into a sad outing if only lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya would have changed a few words here and there or Pritam would have stepped into a much serious zone. However, despite the relatively serious mood of the song here when compared to the rest of the album, 'Let It Be' never makes one feel that the sound of Desi Boyz has been compromised. A song where the protagonist is regretting the mistakes he has made in life and now wants his partner (and life in general) to stick to him as he makes amends, this situational track is sung well by Shaan and has the composer's stamp all over it.


Music of Desi Boyz exceeds expectations. While one was sure that there would at least a couple of chartbusters in the album due to reasons mentioned at the very beginning, it is clear that director Rohit Dhawan had additional expectations from his team here. Result is this soundtrack by Pritam which is one of the better 'masala' albums of the year that works as instant coffee and also promises a good shelf life once the film scores at the box office.


Subha Hone Na De, Allah Maaf Kare, Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz, Jhak Maar Ke

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