4 Very Good

Delhi Belly

Welcome One Of The Best Films Of The Year, 'Delhi Belly'. A film that is brash, crude & wild. It's not at all for those who like to watch family-films, but for those, who can digest a Dark-Comedy, that comes in-tact with Maa-Behen Ki Gaalis.

Abhinay Deo's 'Delhi Belly' scores big time in those 95-minutes it runs for. It's about 3 friends, who get caught up in a nightmare kind of a situation. The gags, the jokes, the over-dose of bad language, all lead the narrative wonderfully. In fact, the oer-dose of bad language is the demand of the film's mood. The characters, the funny situations [especially the ones dealing with Kunaal Roy Kapoor's ill stomach], offer laughter in huge amonuts.

Do yourself a Favor [Only if Your a dude Above 18], Watch 'Delhi Belly'. It's funny, daring & mostly memorable. Aamir Khan's dream run continues with 'Delhi Belly.