4 Very Good

Delhi Belly

First of all I want to clear one thing before reviewing Delhi Belly. Its an entertainer for Mature Generation, not for all type of Audiance.
Its not made for below 18, but its fact Its also not made for above 18, I mean all type of Public or Generation. Its deal in another type of genere in which adult scenes & Language gets first preference with storyline.

If you are fan of hollywood Adult Comedies like American pie, Road Trip, Euro Trip, Etc then you definately like these Movie, But if you are away from Adult Comedies then It will not work for you.

Its an not Family Entertainer, But definately you will enjoy it with your friends & Girlfriend.

Imran khan is too Good, All characters roles are fantastic, Delhi Belly also has some Minuses like Usage of Bad language, I think which is Not necessary in Movie.

Music Department is Good for Young Generation, Especially D K Bose & Sweety Sweety.

Overall, Delhi Belly is an Entertainer for Young & Mature Generation, not for all type of audiances.
Go Get it, Just enjoy the biggest adult Comedy of Indian History.