0.5 Poor

Delhi Belly

A chut, a bhosed up film of the year. Is this a joke. Allowing your lead actors to freely communicate in a madar bhagat language does not create a new brand of cinema. If it did than all the film makers would be making films like this. I really want to know what film makers did Imran get a call from which thanked him for using madar lands, and chutiye. If people consider this a new age of film making than I am so sorry that for all these years I had proud my self on the films that we had made. Now we just let our young people know We don't care if you speak like this or not but this how our youngsters speak so you should speak like this as well. This movie doing well does not make me a believer that this a good cinematic advancement, it shows that there are people out there who have their frustrations and on occasions they would like to get that chut who screwed them or gotten them into trouble. The story line is as predictable as any romantic story that we have been watching for all our lives. Critics all have truly taken Amir's as arrop or Vir's character states in the film about his girl friend. Critics who call this a new path for films should be ashamed of themselves for promoting this type of film. It is not that change isn't welcome in our world but a change which forces or shows the nasty side of life in a full blown moon like canvas than it is not welcome nor should be ushered by one of you know he is not even one of his has to be the first idiot to turn chut to make a film like this. A really solid dark spot on Indian cinema. But thank god this film was made in Bollywood. At least people like me don't have to associated with it.