4.5 Excellent

First of all I'd like to say thank you Gauri Shinde for creating such awesome movie. this is a type of movie that you will rarely see in Bollywood. It's not a typical romantic movie that you see every now and then in Bollywood. It is very much a feel good movie. you will definitely feel good after watching this movie. Although it has so many stars but the main star of the movie is Alia bhatt. She is outstanding in her role. this is probably her best performance till date. She portrayed her character beautifully. So Mr.SRK also is in this movie.I didn't forget him of course. Shah Rukh Khan is phenomenal in his role. What can I say SRK is SRK. Although this is a very different character that he played if you compare to his other movies.But we can't deny that Mr.SRK is the king of Bollywood and will always be the king.He creates extra magic in his every role.This movie is no different.I can only say he is just natural. This movie is all about Alia Bhatt but Shah Rukh Khan added extra flavor. The story line of this movie is something that everyone can relate to. first half of the movie is a bit slow. second half is very entertaining to watch. you can get all the life lessons from this movie. But the ending of this movie I think they dragged a little bit. That's why I removed one star. Overall it's a very good family movie to watch or you can just watch it with your friends.I recommend this movie ,go for it...... It will make you happy.