4.5 Excellent

Dear Zindagi is an outrageous stunner of a film. It paints life's freedom on a canvas of complexity, and feeds you with enough food for thought that promises to last for a lifetime.The dialogues, the writing, the cinematography, almost everything about this two and a half hour short tale of emotions leaves you awestruck.

Alia scribbles the everyday rants of life on your heart with a performance so indulgent, it deserves way more than just an applause. Shah Rukh on the other hand, takes a big bite off your mind, driving you through the origins of these rants with utter subtlety. His experience in acting reflects in every frame, embellishing the very essence of the film, winning you over yet again.

A platinum feather on the hat of each person involved with this project, this film is a ray of hope, an epitomized sign of the fact that Indian cinema is steadily evolving, and what lies ahead is surely worth anticipating.