5 Excellent


if you have ever liked ANY action movie...DABANGG WILL TOP THAT! probably the best hindi movie of this decade.

I am very picky on what movies I like for example the ONLY movies I have liked in the recent years are INCEPTION, 3IDIOTS, DEPARTED and DARK KNIGHT and DABANGG is very much on that list.

If you are a Salman Khan fan, do yourself a favor and watch this movie. This is going to be one of his career highlight films. I am doing film school at New York University so after I watching this movie I have decided to take my american friends to show them true test of bollywood. People in the US take bollywood as a joke bcuz of all the dancing and singing but DABANGG is 1 movie where IT ALL WORKS!

If Mr. Kashyap happens to read this please consider me for a internship for your next film. I will forward you my clippets and portfolio. Email is aparikh89@ymail.com