4 Very Good

COCKTAIL, a glass of perfect exotic wine which engulfs you gradually. First half - a little slow yet enjoyable whose slow-pace is its very essence. Second half - commendable. Perfect direction, cinematography, videography and performances in the second half. The scene where Deepika come to terms with the reality in the disc - Gosh! the scene moves you to the core,an applaud worthy direction showing an exquisite fusion of her emotions, her drunkard act never seems forced. Its Deepika all the way, she bowled me over with her performance. Diana manages to act and look decent for a debut performance and Saif was his usual self. Though many wouldn't agree with my opinion but then who cares it's MY opinion after all not theirs. I'd give 4 stars to this refined cocktail especially for its intense second-half and its euphonic background score :)