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Zero. When a music album hits the stands less than a week before the theatrical release of the film and that too with absolutely nil promotion, the picture is quite clear about the confidence level that the makers have in the music. Siddharth Suhas, Abhishek Ishteyak, Amjad Nadeem and Sukhwinder Singh come together to create a song apiece for this album.


Ranjit Kapoor writes 'Akira Kurosawa', an item number which is picturised on Sophie Choudry. Even though it is difficult to make out the exact lyrics of the song, music by Siddharth-Suhas is foot tapping enough to keep your interest alive in this four minutes long song. Anushka Manchandani is a good choice for a dance number like this though it's a pity that there has been absolutely no promotion of the song. It would have moved some distance at least if there was some awareness created about this fun song.

Nevertheless, after a decent beginning, it's only downhill from here on with Roop Kumar Rathod just not getting it right behind the mike for 'Chai Ke Bahane'. A boring number with even more boring lyrics by Yash Bharadwaj, 'Chai Ke Bahane' is about the protagonist looking forward to being with someone close after a considerable gap of time. Set to tune by Abhishek Ishteyak with singer Madhushree too joining in, 'Chai Ke Bahane' stays on to be Indian throughout but is terribly outdated and reminds of the 60s. Forgettable.

Amjad Nadeem composes and sings 'Vote For Chintuji' which is such an amateurish attempt that it doesn't qualify beyond a title roll number for an off-prime time TV serial on Doordarshan. Whether it is the composition or the singing, none of it works. Ahmad's lyrics do not help the cause either and this supposedly fun track, appearing in both the original and remix version, completely falls flat.

A number attached to the roots, 'Yahan Sab Theekh Hai' has a Punjab setting to it and no wonder, it has Sukhwinder Singh at the helm of composing and singing it. Written by Sameer, the song has a Manoj Kumar hangover to it and tries to convey the point that despite all the troubles that this country is facing, it's still an 'all right' situation for all.


Chintu Ji has absolutely nothing to offer musically and the only potentially saleable number, 'Akira Kurosawa', too will go down completely unnoticed. Skip it!


'Akira Kurosawa'

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