2.5 Good

I went into the movie with high expectations, and I wasn't disappointed at all. However, there are some points I'd like to mention critically here. Vikrant Massey is a really good actor, but I think his character and the direction of his character could have been done better. He comes across as very impulsive, rash and touchy for a person who runs an NGO. The second half of the movie, in particular, the latter half of the movie, even though it shows the problems NGOs face in helping acid victim survivors, it had an unusual twist in which the head of the NGO has romantic feelings for the acid victim - that I thought was really unrealistic, and was that "masala" element to the movie. Acid attacks are not something new, and even though the movie delves into solutions for banning the sale of acid in the markets, and for harsher punishments on the criminals - it leaves the audience with more questions than answers to the issue at the hand. The real fantastic and positive aspect of the movie was Deepika Padukone - no one has, or could have shown more passion for the role than she did, and she didn't even put a foot wrong at any point of time in the movie. I think the movie deserves an 85% rating, and not the 80% I've given it here, as the movie is really thought provoking and conveys to us all that mindsets in India need to seriously change on the issue at hand.