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Chatur Singh Two Star Movie Review

Chatur Singh Two Star Movie Rating

At the cost of repeating myself, I wish to state that comedy is serious business and making people laugh is a herculean task. Not all directors can pull it off. Also, not all actors have the impeccable timing to carry off comic roles with flourish.

In the recent past, a lot many films that defied logic worked big time with viewers of all ages because they were rich as far as the entertainment quotient was concerned. CHATUR SINGH TWO STARS throws logic to the winds. It tries hard to tickle your funny bone. The on-screen characters -- most of them -- indulge in buffoonery. There's a conscious effort to pack one joke after another. Yet, CHATUR SINGH TWO STARS doesn't work as a film. That's because the writing is ridiculously silly and the jokes are bland and unappealing.

He knows everything about nothing... and he's on a mission to destroy himself! He is Chatur Singh 2 Star [Sanjay Dutt], an infamous member of the Mumbai Police Department who, in his career, has been most successful at botching up cases and making a fool of himself. Inspite of being a disgrace to the team, Chatur Singh has just been handed the biggest case in the department's history and of course, this is the perfect chance for him to prove everyone why he is the best officer they have.

Chatur Singh takes off on the secret mission to South Africa. His bumbling mannerisms, clumsiness and of course, his 'super intelligence' sets off a string of events which lead to more chaos and confusion than anyone could have ever imagined.

CHATUR SINGH TWO STARS is based on a novel, but it also has influences of THE PINK PANTHER. The film delivers some genuine laughs here and there, but there's never that prominent sequence/s that have the audience rolling in the aisles. Also, this is nowhere funny to THE PINK PANTHER or even those films that Sanju has been part of.

Ajay Chandhok is saddled with an outrageously childish script. While we viewers have witnessed the most ridiculous films in the recent past, this one hits a new low when it comes to writing. The escapades in South Africa and the climax in particular are so childish that it's unbelievable how they were conceived in the first place. The soundtrack is equally monotonous. The sole silver lining is the cinematography and some striking locales of Cape Town.

Sanju's mannerisms are not just over the top, but also cross all lines of buffoonery. Ameesha looks out of place in a comic caper. Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik and Suresh Menon make a sincere attempt to get their characters right. Shakti Kapoor does his villainous act yet again. Gulshan Grover has a brief role, while Rati Agnihotri looks far from convincing. Murli Sharma, Vishwajeet Pradhan and Ganesh Yadav are mere gap fillers.

On the whole, CHATUR SINGH TWO STARS tries hard to make you laugh, but fails in its endeavour.

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