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When it is difficult to find an album on stands even till 10 days before the release of the film, one thing is quite possible that even the makers aren't quite looking forward to music being the selling point here. This is why getting hold of songs from Chase doesn't quite make you jump with joy as you don't expect anything to begin with. Add to that the fact that there are just three songs in the film with not one notable name on the credits as far as composers are concerned and whatever little hope that one has entirely diminishes.


Title song of Chase was meant to be an adrenalin raising experience but except for the line 'Chase Kar Le', there isn't much to look forward to in this Jalees Sherwani written 'Get Set Go'. This Wajid sung song appears as totally wannabe and though the sound is vibrant here, it is not consistent right through its four minutes duration. A theme track which is about racing ahead in life, 'Get Set Go' has a 'Club Mix' version going for it as well. Though it is slightly better in appeal, one ends up remembering the title song of Ram Gopal Varma produced 'Go' which had sounded far better.

Thankfully, there is some respite with YRFisque 'Shaam Ki' which has Shaan coming up with a soft-n-silky rendition. This is the kind of track that immediately transports one to the world of Swiss Alps, chiffon sarees and some soft swaying by the leading lady. With Shreya Ghoshal giving Shaan some good company behind the mike, 'Shaam Ki' - a Vijay Verma composition - isn't bad after all and at least manages to keep the interest on for the five minutes duration. Are you going to voluntarily play on this Manthan written love song again which also appears in a shorter 'lounge mix' version? Perhaps not, but then you won't turn into something else either when you happen to catch it by chance.

Finally comes the song of seduction 'Ankahi Si' which has a start similar to that of 'Neeyat Kharaab Hai' which one heard recently in Teen Patti. Composed by Udbhav Ojha, this one is a passable track which has an 80s feel to it and doesn't quite make you wait to see what unfolds in front of camera when the leading lady gets into an act of seduction. With a Western flavour to it, this Jalees Sherwani written track sees Vasundhara Das making a rare appearance. However, that is not a reason for much celebration though since the track doesn't find an elevation beyond the 'situational' status.


This one won't find any chasers in the music stores


Shaam Ki

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This movie`s music is very poor.But i like one song of it.

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very bad only Chase title song is ok so forget about it dont waste your money

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