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As a moviegoer, I have grown up on Navketan movies. But, over the years, the man behind this production outfit -- the charismatic Dev Anand -- has not been able to churn out any memorable film that has recall value. CHARGESHEET, Dev sahab's new endeavor, is no different. It is yet another forgettable experience from the veteran, who once regaled us with great entertainers.

CHARGESHEET has an apology of a script. It has skimpily dressed women dancing on forgettable tunes. The music, once the hallmark of Navketan movies, is of fast-forward variety this time. That's not all! Known for discovering some of the finest talent over the years, the veteran's new discoveries in CHARGESHEET are all duds. No looks, no talent! As for names such as Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff and Divya Dutta, one is well aware why they agreed to be an integral part of this film [tremendous respect for the veteran], but what I fail to fathom is, what was the motive behind casting them when they have nothing worthwhile to do?

The only thing I took back home was the indomitable spirit of Dev Anand. How many people live their dreams at 88? Here's an actor/film-maker committed to making movies on his terms. Irrespective of how CHARGESHEET fares or received by the movie-going audience, I am sure Dev sahab would've already cracked the idea of his next film. I salute that!

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