0.5 Poor

Chandni Chowk To China

Mr Jogender Tuteja gives 3 stars for cc2c but look what he has to say..."There were a few weak moments in the film though that did lead to boredom. Like that reprised version of the song 'Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost' which was absolutely unessential. Or that angel v/s demon conversation around Ranvir Shorey. Or that over-exteeeeeended tele-marketing sequence featuring Deepika Padukone. Or those repetitive scenes where Akshay Kumar gets launched a la a rocket across the length and breath of Delhi after being kicked by his mentor (Mithun). Or those couple of forced fight sequences in the second half of the film"

just ha.ha.haaa.

what went wrong is that cash-rich producers wanted to make a blockbuster. They took aki-deipika, a one film wonder director and aggressive marketing...forgot the story and concept and create a hish-hash of a movie....
avoid cc2c at all cost